Hi, I’m Katie!

Depression Warrior | Plus Size Athlete | Aspiring Farmer

If you would have told me a year ago that I’d be here, I never would have believed you. In the dark space I was living in back then, being here now would have been unimaginable. I’ve struggled with depression my whole life and spent more than 25 years battling my weight. It was me against my body. This ultimately led to mental crumble in 2021. Although I had everything going for me in my life, I had no joy. I didn’t believe I was capable of chasing my dreams and goals and I didn’t feel good physically. Getting out of bed every day, tending to the animals, and completing any work on my schedule took every ounce of energy I had.
I slowly crawled out of that dark space by doing one hard thing at a time. Moving forward started with brushing my hair every day, then 10 minutes of intentional movement. With each thing, I started to gain back confidence. In January 2022, I made my list of 22 Hard Things in 2022 and I’ve been running, baking, farming, swimming, laughing, and adventuring my way back to joy since then. I’ve shared this journey on social media and connected with wonderful people that are all chasing their own joy to feel good again.

Through the Years


My mother died from cancer, less than a month from my sixteenth birthday.

I graduated from college despite poorly managing my depression for four years.



I lost over 180 pounds. Running became a part of my routine. I completed dozens of 5ks & 10ks, two half marathons, and three triathlons over the next five years.

We bought our farm! My husband and I wanted to create a more sustainable way of life, learn to grow our own food, slow-down from the rat race, and live healthier, more active lives. Running became less a part of the routine as I tried to manage a demanding job.



Recommitted to movement & diet, desperate to lose weight again. I did some running and a triathlon, but struggled to keep a routine when the weight loss stopped.

Depression started taking hold again. I stopped running and any intentional movement. I quit my career as Vice President of Operations for a technical company to focus on the farm and my mental health.



Although I had wonderful things going on in my life, I could not move past my feelings of self-loathing. I had gained back over 100 pounds and entered a new chapter of grief without my mother, as an adult. In November, 2021 I returned to the doctor and discovered my hypertension had returned. I hit rock bottom mentally, but had an epiphany. A couple months later, I made a list of 22 hard things I wanted to do in 2022. Instead of making a resolution to lose 100 pounds, I made the list to help me live again.

I started tackling my 22 Hard Things in 2022 and sharing my journey on Instagram and Tik Tok. It wasn’t always pretty, but over the course of the year I did so many incredible things. I started running again, completed two triathlons and a half marathon, made a perfect loaf of sourdough bread, had our first goat kids on the farm, hiked mountains in the Grand Tetons, reconnected with old friends, made new friends, and took my power back from the years of depression and self-doubt.



and beyond!

I’m going to continue to heal by doing the hard things and chasing my joy. Now, I’m on a mission to encourage others to do their hard things, too, no matter what hard looks like for them. We are strong, capable, and worthy of the lives we want to lead!